1780 Fir Street


Introducing the 1780 Fir Street New Development, a visionary addition to Vancouver's landscape. This six-story rental building, designed by BHA Architecture, offers 100 suites, with 20% dedicated to below-market rents. Nestled in an area near Burrard and Granville Island, this project breathes new life into a former parking lot, blending residential, retail, and restaurant spaces. With its innovative "4-and-2" design, the building maximizes space while creating inviting terrace areas for residents. Amenities such as an amenity room on Level 2 and rooftop urban agriculture plots enhance the living experience. Committed to sustainability, the development incorporates green spaces and thoughtful landscaping, setting a new standard for responsible urban living.

Client: Marquee Group
Architect: BHA Architecture
Construction Method: Wood-Frame, Concrete
Scope: New Build
Size: 81,213 SF
Building Height: Low-Mid Rise
Completion Status: Pre-Construction
Year Completed: 2026
Location: Metro Vancouver