Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre


This multi-floor tenant improvement project involved the renovation of the top two levels of a commercial building encompassing 142,000 SF. The scope included acoustic treated offices, open plan offices, a large complex data room, a number of specialized meeting rooms, and product development rooms. The office also features a large cafeteria, a spacious gathering area with a partition wall system, and an interconnecting staircase between the two levels.

Logistics and material handling required extensive planning since all deliveries had to be handled through the underground parkade and brought up to the suite using only one elevator. Crews worked through the night to ensure materials were ready for the following day’s construction. The office was completed in only seven months, under budget and on time using an aggressive fast-track schedule that required the site to run 24/6 across three shifts.

Client: Microsoft
Architect: Clive Wilkinson Architects
Sector: Office
Construction Method:
Scope: Tenant Improvement
Size: 142,000 SF
Completion Status: Completed
Year Completed: 2016
Location: Metro Vancouver